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The Last Development stand in Lonehill

Property Type
Vacant Land Residential
Land Size

The LAST AVAILABLE Development parcel in Lonehill.

R38,000,000 excluding VAT

This 1.95-hectare plot is designated as Residential 2, allowing for the construction of 136 units. It comes complete with fully funded bulk services and includes a 1,000kva Eskom mini substation.

Developing in Lonehill, Sandton, South Africa can be an attractive option for various reasons:

1. Prime Location: Lonehill is situated in the affluent Sandton area, known for its economic activity, shopping, and entertainment options. It's well-connected to major roads, making it accessible.

2. Economic Hub: Sandton is considered the financial heart of South Africa, and Lonehill's proximity to this economic hub provides opportunities for businesses and investors.

3. Residential Appeal: The area offers a mix of residential options, from apartments to houses, attracting a diverse population. This can be advantageous for property developers.

4. Amenities: Lonehill boasts numerous amenities, including shopping centers, schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas, making it a desirable place for residents.

5. Security: The Lonehill Residents Association is active in maintaining security, contributing to a safer environment and making it appealing for residents.

6. Green Spaces: The Lonehill Park and nature reserves in the vicinity provide green spaces for recreation and relaxation.

7. Investment Potential: The property market in Lonehill has shown growth potential over the years, making it a favorable location for real estate development.

8. Cultural Attractions: The area hosts cultural events and has a vibrant community, adding to its appeal for both residents and businesses.

9. Lifestyle Choices: The abundance of dining, shopping, and entertainment options enhances the quality of life in Lonehill.

10. Future Growth: Sandton and its surrounding areas continue to experience urban development, indicating a potential for long-term growth and returns on investment.

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